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North Bristol Trust

I had a letter through from the new surgeon. He clearly had no interest in what I need for my body. He included the very doctors that assaulted then neglected me in the letter. Those bastards are given more say … Continue reading

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Saw another doctor about the pain. He seemed angry at me from the moment I walked in. The entire visit I was battling a panic attack and couldn’t stop crying. Twice he threatened to walk out because I was angry … Continue reading

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Weight loss is not worth the pain of surgery

Having had a gastric sleeve surgery done and joining online groups for support I have discovered a terrible truth.  The groups only tell you the good stuff and try to cover up the bad.  There is no support out there … Continue reading

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Charity “race”

It was a 5K/10 but it wasn’t something officially timed…you had to just remember to look at the correct clock when crossing the finish.  I managed the 5K route in 54 minutes which was one of my slowest times but … Continue reading

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Walking, pain and cycling

Throughout February I have been working on upping my walking mileage as well as upping my speed. Early in the month I had spent a day in Bristol visiting museums and spent hours walking all over the city. Sadly I … Continue reading

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