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Squirrels at a Rave

Some days you feel like you are kicking education butt all over the place and others you just feel like you are getting your butt kicked.  Lately I feel the latter. I only have the one teenager left at home … Continue reading

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Selling the house

Six weeks ago we put our house on the market.  We all know that this is a highly stressful activity.  It is even more stressful when there also remains many things up in the air. We finally have clear confirmation … Continue reading

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The Fun of New Books

My kids have moved on to GCSE studies which mens we have switched from basic workbooks to a textbook.  I grew up with textbooks so they look perfectly straightforward  to me but apparently  not to my youngest.  She got started … Continue reading

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It’s been awhile

Sometimes I wonder why I bothered starting a blog.  It doesn’t really seem to have a point.  Perhaps I should have gone a more anonymous route as I feel uncomfortable  talking about some thing with people I know reading. I … Continue reading

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Resolutions and ramblings

I know it has been a while since I posted anything.  It is funny how one can have plenty going on in one’s life but have nothing to say about it.  I think that is really always quite true for … Continue reading

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Chedworth Roman Villa

We visited Chedworth Roman Villa recently.  It is a ruin of a roman villa that was discovered in the Cotswolds back in the Victorian era. We saw roman mosaic floors laid 1700 year ago, learned a bit about medicine of … Continue reading

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