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Slowing down

I was reading a blog post about simple living about figuring out what that means to each individual and it got me thinking about not only what simple living is to me but about what my interests in general happen … Continue reading

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Squirrels at a Rave

Some days you feel like you are kicking education butt all over the place and others you just feel like you are getting your butt kicked.  Lately I feel the latter. I only have the one teenager left at home … Continue reading

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Selling the house

Six weeks ago we put our house on the market.  We all know that this is a highly stressful activity.  It is even more stressful when there also remains many things up in the air. We finally have clear confirmation … Continue reading

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The Fun of New Books

My kids have moved on to GCSE studies which mens we have switched from basic workbooks to a textbook.  I grew up with textbooks so they look perfectly straightforward  to me but apparently  not to my youngest.  She got started … Continue reading

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Resolutions and ramblings

I know it has been a while since I posted anything.  It is funny how one can have plenty going on in one’s life but have nothing to say about it.  I think that is really always quite true for … Continue reading

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Last weekend we visited the Corinium Museum in Cirencester (or if you are an ancient Roman…Corinium).  I thought it was just a Roman museum with a few artifacts but in fact it is a museum of Cirencester through the ages … Continue reading

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Chedworth Roman Villa

We visited Chedworth Roman Villa recently.  It is a ruin of a roman villa that was discovered in the Cotswolds back in the Victorian era. We saw roman mosaic floors laid 1700 year ago, learned a bit about medicine of … Continue reading

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