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Cassava Flour Banana Bread

Since going paleo last year then falling off the wagon after about three months of the aforementioned paleo (no grains) I have realised that gluten and I are not the bosom buddies I had previously believed.  I won’t go into … Continue reading

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Blueberry smoothie

Just a simple little recipe.  No added sugar but it does have 35g of carb so not for you Keto guy.  It also has 34g of protein though and 2 servings of your 5 a day so a good healthy … Continue reading

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PB protein shake

I was thinking that you might enjoy my recipe for a peanut butter protein shake. Sometimes cooking up porridge or a fry up is a bit hot mess in the morning.  It is nice to have a few non- meat/egg … Continue reading

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Caramel shortbread

Yesterday, I made caramel shortbread because my daughters want to learn about making caramel. I had never attempted caramel myself so I figured the only solution was to have a go at it on my own first. The above picture … Continue reading

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Bestest Baked Beans Ever

I have just finished making the bestest baked beans ever. I got the original recipe from but have adjusted slightly. These beans are sweet but not SWEET. They are rich and tomatoey. They are just plain soul soothing good. … Continue reading

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Lemon cake

My daughter Emily had a birthday recently and for her cake she wanted her favorite flavor of lemon. Now even if I was inclined to pay $25+ for a store bought birthday cake the odds are that I wouldn’t find … Continue reading

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