Hot, overtrained and a challenge for the future

I don’t know if it has been due to the heat or maybe overtraining a bit but I have hit a wall. I have no energy and my chest and side have been extra achy for a couple weeks. It has definitely interfered with my half-marathon training and even my day to day life. Usually I can ignore the ache in my chest and move on but not lately.

My last race was in June and this summer was just meant to be focused on my half marathon training. The plan was Parkrun on Saturdays, long walk on Sundays, gym for body balance on Mondays, Tuesdays off, Wednesdays was long run ranging from about 12-20k, Thursdays gym for weights and Friday off. The long run day was always actually a walk/run situation as I just can’t run that far but I think I have been pushing it too hard. The thing is that I am running with other people and they are all faster than me by far and I am the only one that can’t run at least 15k continuously. I don’t want to hold them back so try to give my everything. Thing is I think they got everything and now I am paying the price.

In addition to pushing too hard it has been HOT out there, in here and everywhere. Even now when it has cooled down it is still hot for anything active. I swear I felt like I would drown in my own sweat over the weekend in Bristol. Being at home is of course no relief as there is no air conditioning. Even the local hospital (where I had an appointment for tests that didn’t happen) there is no air conditioning. No relief much of anywhere. The gym has a/c but then they expect you to workout and build up a sweat which is still not relieving the heat issue.

In the last couple weeks I have done almost no running. I used the treadmill at the gym for a couple of Mondays in a row but due to circumstances beyond my control parkrun has not been a option, and long run on Wednesday last week didn’t happen because my husband needed to watch the England game (I was happy to have the day off). The gym has mostly been a bit hit or miss as well.

This week marks getting the running going again though. Long run is happening on Wednesday this week and it is the 20k route that is planned. Parkrun is back in play for me on Saturdays again for the foreseeable future as well. The heat issue has calmed but it is still troublingly hot for running. I will try to use my gym time for some treadmill work. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have had trouble pacing myself to keep going lately so my treadmill time will be to work on finding my pace.

How much you want to bet I will continue overdoing it and be worn out again. I would think it a safe bet with a poor payout personally. I just have to be as prepared as I can be for the half marathon in September. I really can’t see me doing anything longer than a half and really don’t feel a need to attempt any more half marathons after Swindon so this shall be a one off. After this half I shall focus on a new challenge for building up to walk the Isle of Wight Challenge next year.

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