Worse for wear

Sitting on the sofa trying to push through a slight drinking headache that managed to coincide with a horrible sinus headache. All my fault as I know full well drinking lowers your immune response and I was in early stages of a nasty cold. Headache meds and decongestant has me back up to sitting and reading while also feeding my ravenous side due to drink. It was a good night out with friends though.

I have been reading a new book which I am finding quite inspiring. It is call The Fat Girls Guide to Marathon Running by Julie Creffield. Now by that title you might think I have designs on running a marathon which is quite understandable however I feel more certain than ever that this is unlikely a distance for me. This is however a great little guide to running in general as a bigger girl as well a a guide to learning to believe in yourself. The author also have a website called http://www.toofattorun.com which I highly recommend. Personally, I think her message of accept yourself and push yourself to reach your potential carries over not only to all sport but life in general.

I have been trying to run and walk more which I feel I was very successful with last week. I managed 23.05km in total mileage last week. This week I have fallen down on the job a bit though. Yesterday I did my 2k run with our little home education running group where last week I had done 5k so down 3k right there. This morning I was meant to be running parkrun but well refer to paragraph one. Running just wasn’t happening this morning so instead I think we will walk to the store for milk later for no more than about 2 miles. Tomorrow we will try to make up for a bit of the lost mileage but as the plan was already an 8 mike walk with some jogging bits here and there I am not sure how much extension I can actually muster. I did do my cardio tennis this past Monday with less people in the group so the workout was extra intense for me. Also, my 2k run was a personal best of 14 minutes 49 seconds. No, I am not fast but a shuffled quickly in a jogging fashion the whole way around.

Generally speaking I can run almost all of a 5k and suspect if I was fully mentally prepared I could have already done so. I am thinking that increasing my mileage might help make 5k not seem so mentally daunting anymore so I am thinking of signing up for a 10k. Walking 6.2 miles is not a big deal so the idea is to run as much of it as possible. This of course means that I need to actively train for more running miles . I figure the only way to fit in a long run is within my long Sunday walks. I am committed in too many other directions for any other day.

On Wednesday I started a bookkeeping course at the local college. I had just finished a free 4 week MOOC on futurelearn so for one day of class I got to feel like a know-it-all. Why for only one day? Because all of the 4 week course material was covered in the first night of class. Sigh, I like feeling smart and I suspect I will not be having that feeling from here on out. I am excited about the class though as well as being able to do more of the work in my husband’s bookkeeping business.

Anyway, must get going and try to do something productive with my day. Not sure what that might be though so don’t hold your breath. Have a great weekend all.

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