Weight loss is not worth the pain of surgery

Having had a gastric sleeve surgery done and joining online groups for support I have discovered a terrible truth.  The groups only tell you the good stuff and try to cover up the bad.  There is no support out there for those of us that regret having the surgery.  No support for those of us left in pain.  In addition to forums trying to shut down those of us saying weight loss isn’t worth the pain they brush over the fact that when you have a gastric sleeve surgery done it is not just your stomach they will alter….it is your diaphragm.  It is the stitches over tightening your diaphragm that will cause excruciating pain but no one will tell you that.  The doctors will lie and say it just feels a bit tight for two or three days.  It is just being stabbed with a hot sword that is twisted and broken off in your chest!  Pain medication will not even touch the pain.  I am 2.5 months out from surgery and still in daily pain.  The NHS doctors didn’t even examine me at my one and only follow up appointment and have refused to even investigate the pain.  The pain honestly overwhelms me to the point that I am imagining cutting my wrists so that the pain might finally be over.  Don’t let anyone tell you that in 2 weeks you will feel all better or that weight loss is worth the unending pain of having your diaphragm butchered.  Save yourselves and don’t have the surgery.  

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12 Responses to Weight loss is not worth the pain of surgery

  1. As I’m contemplating a gastric sleeve surgery, I read this with great interest. Thanks for sharing your horrible experience. It certainly makes me think!

    • fivebeansoup says:

      Consider either doing high protein low carb low fat or better yet whole foods plant based like you see in forks over knives instead. After one month I was only losing 1-2 pounds a week anyway which is no better than dieting with a non-mutilated body.

      • Plant-based isn’t a problem for me. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 40 years. It’s the carbs that kill me. How much did you end up losing in all so far?

      • fivebeansoup says:

        Sorry I failed to approve this before. Discovered it hidden away while trying to figure out how to find a post draft. In answer: I have lost 110lbs of which was 40 lbs since surgery that stopped by Oct. Not worth it at all.

      • No worries, my friend. I am glad to know your experience. Perhaps I’m not destined to have surgery. I’ve been rejected twice because of my epilepsy. Ah well… Congrats on losing 110lbs! Having only lost 40# since surgery tells me that you’ve worked very hard to lose the rest.

      • fivebeansoup says:

        I still hope to lose another fifty in the long term but first I need to work on getting my fitness back to the pre-surgery level.

      • I wish you luck, my friend. I need to figure out something. I thought surgery might help, but maybe all of these obstacles in my way are a sign I shouldn’t do it!

      • fivebeansoup says:

        Perhaps so. Try to focus on fitness rather then cut food , cut food, cut food. A good hike through the snow would be a heck of a workout. I still recall trudging through a Maine winter from when I was a kid back home.

      • I’d fall over and die! haha But you are right, starting with fitness would make a big difference.

      • fivebeansoup says:

        I was much smaller in those days…shorter than a snow bank and underweight.

      • I’ve never been underweight in my life!

  2. foodrebel73 says:

    Everyone is different after weight loss surgery… I wish I had read more about the “bad” things that could happen but I chose to only focus on the good things. I had no idea how hard it would be to recover! No one ever talked about that part! I remember trying to lug around my weight after surgery with no energy, no stamina, and months and months of trying to rebuild that. Yes, I lost a lot of weight but it was painful and very taxing on my body! Then there are other people who just breeze thru it and have no problems at all… but I wish I had done more research before I did it!

    Please follow my journey if you would like…


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