Cassava Flour Banana Bread

Since going paleo last year then falling off the wagon after about three months of the aforementioned paleo (no grains) I have realised that gluten and I are not the bosom buddies I had previously believed.  I won’t go into details of my experience of gluten after having eliminated it for a long period of time but let’s just say it was unpleasant.  I have been eating paleo again since January  and my body is back to liking me much more again. 

After a couple months I was getting bored and “needed” baked goods but wheat flour is just not an option.  I played around with almond flour and coconut flour a bit without joy.  A few weeks ago we started getting a fruit/veg delivery that included blemished fruit for juicing or smoothies.  In that flat of fruit I got about a dozen bananas that clearly had a short shelf life so had to do a big banana bread making session.  I also had an excess of apples so made jars of applesauce and applesauce muffins so it was a long session. I made coconut and almond flour recipes which were nice but nothing to write home about in my opinion.  

I ordered up the cassava flour shortly after that as it had been mentioned several times as being very good.  I didn’t have any recipes but  read on Pinterest  that it can be used one for one in place of wheat flour.  I found my old banana bread recipe and adjusted it to be primal friendly.  
125g butter

125g maple syrup

2 eggs

4 Bananas

350g cassava flour

1tsp baking soda

1 Tbsp cinnamon

4 Tbsp hemp seeds
I used coconut oil to grease the pan and poured in the mix.  Baked at 180 C ( around 350F I think) until a knife comes out clean. 
It came out more moist than the coconut and almond flour options.  This one was very more-ish which meant it was all eaten within a couple hours (normally it takes a couple days for everyone to munch through it all).  This recipe inspired us to have a go using cassava flour in chocolate chip cookies today.  
I am now in love with cassava flour.  I very much recommend it for anyone avoiding gluten or grains entirely. 

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