Moved and settled but OMG the laundry

We sold our house and got rid of all those pesky debts and have a still small emergency fund which all makes me feel happy and secure. The new house we are renting is beautifully decorated and came mostly furnished with good quality furniture and appliances. There have been a few teething issues but mostly getting on well.  There is only one niggle that is driving me nuts…..he house only has a washing machine and no dryer.

I know I have managed without a dryer many times in my life but I hate it.  it is the rainy season (ok that is about every season really) so hanging out is not na option most days.  When it isn’t raining the temperature is so low that all I can do is pray for freeze drying (ok the truth is that colder might actual help by causing freeze drying as it is really just cold and damp air).  There are few accessible radiators so my typical wet weather option is out and there is no dryer.  Sometimes the clothes take 2 or more days to dry and smell foul in the end.

What I need is ideas for drying faster, generally having less laundry and making them smell nice.  

I got fabric soften in sunshine fresh but not yet sure what it will smell like by the time the clothes dry. They do smell nice (though chemically) when first out of the wash.  I would prefer a natural option but the ones I have come across have been unscented.  I also don’t like the heaviness in my chest from the chemical option.

Less laundry would help too but with a family of five, of 2 adults and 3 teens, the clothes stack up to a full load or more everyday.  My husband cycles to work so has a cycling outfit, work outfit and an afterword casual outfit every workday. My eldest is now working as a dishwasher in a pub so has a college outfit and a work outfit several days a week. Middle kid helps a bit by rewarding clothes but to an extent that is just dirty….. there is a smell.  My youngest generally has one outfit a day and is a skinny thing with small clothes but that doesn’t help much.  The problem has been enough that I find myself beginning to use more paper towels than ever to avoid using up my fabric towels and needing to add them to the wash.

How do I get the laundry to dry faster.  I keep running out of tea towels and cleaning cloths because it takes days for things to dry.  I even have a heater in the back room surrounded by three large clothes airers trying to help things along.  I love having an extra back room with was meant to be a quiet reading area but it is constantly full of wet clothes . 

Clothes are the bane of my existence. It is never ending and it is burying me alive.  Perhaps it has already killed me and the foul smell is my rotting corpse buried under the wet clothes.

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