Slowing down

I was reading a blog post about simple living about figuring out what that means to each individual and it got me thinking about not only what simple living is to me but about what my interests in general happen to be. Looking at my topics for blog reading on WordPress, I realised that this might be the place to start to figure out how to slow down my life in the right way. My topics are home education, paleo, and simple living.  In a way they all are very interrelated for me. 

Home education allows us to work at our own pace and individualise our children’s studies but also means we can set our on schedule or work with none at all if we want.  Home education mostly relieves stress for me.  Of course I have my wobbles at times when I worry we are “behind” in some way but day in and day out it feels like a simpler way of life.

Paleo as a way of simplifying life.  Many people would probably think this has no relation to simple living or that it makes things more complicated.  In some ways it does complicate things as I am the only one in the family that wants thus way of eating but it has great potential to simplify things.  I fell into paleo because it was easier to grab some cooked meat and s pack of berries at the shop than to pack a lunch.  I found I really enjoyed my simple quick meal and it both kept my calories down and filled me better than a sandwich, crisps and an apple.  After a while I noticed that my weight was coming down more easily too.  For me the key to paleo being a simple way of eating is not bothering with finding paleo alternatives to non-paleo foods. Right now this is an area of struggle for me though but I guess also an area to work on to get to my simpler life.

Simple living as a topic seems obvious but it is actually well too broad.  It tends to include everything from people talking of their embracing meditation to full on homesteading to finding God. Many of these things I skip over.  I know for me that religion does not equal calm. Homesteading is too much work and would drain me quickly. Meditation is nice and something I am working on but not something I general enjoy reading much about.  I haven’t really figured out exactly what I am looking for in this section.  I know I like the living with less stuff (but not white and sterile) kind of minimalism always catches my eye. Anything about saving money or working within a budget draws me in as well. Perhaps I need break down this category further to find my simple.

What is your simpler way of life?  What do you think would bring you to a calmer existence?  Have you found your simple or perhaps on the journey?

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