Migraines, diets, moving house and finding jobs

Sitting in the noisy pub with a migraine waiting for my eldest to finish her trial run as a dishwasher hoping to get a job. It is 15 minutes after she was due to finish with no sign of her.

I decided to be naughty and eat a pb&j sandwich with pretzels and corn chips for dinner.  I am now regretting that choice as it sent me running for the toilet again.  Gluten seems to be running straight through me anymore which makes me sad.  I know that eating paleo makes me feel healthier but it would be nice to have a naughty treat without distress.

Our house is sold (subject to contract) and the buyers are pressuring to have us let them come in and measure up for their furniture while we are trying to get our stuff moved out.  It is chaos here and stressful as well and I don’t need this extra hassle while moving and trying to get everyone everywhere they need to be…sometimes at the same time in different towns.

Now back to the girl trying to get her first job.  She got to the pub 30 minutes early and worked 15 minutes late in her trail.  She has been told they would call her.  So far that has been a sign of a no. They did say they would discuss shifts with her on that phone call which seems a good sign but I am not holding my breath at this point.  I just hope they see her as a keen worker and hire her as she really does deserve a chance.  Happy thoughts.

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