Squirrels at a Rave

Some days you feel like you are kicking education butt all over the place and others you just feel like you are getting your butt kicked.  Lately I feel the latter.

I only have the one teenager left at home for their education as the 15 and 16 year old are attending college these day.  The eldest is studying special effects makeup and the middle one is just doing general education like English, maths and science.  The youngest is focusing on English,  maths, and biology.  Since it is just the one to focus my energies on we have a very full schedule of stuff to do and little of it happens at home.

Her English is actually an online English and writing course which we have struggled to get into the swing of things. Week one we failed to figure out how to get signed in for an hour of the hour and a half of class time.  The second week we realised that we had failed to find the homework until 2 days after it was due.  Today it is week three and we discovered that we had only found half the homework and had missed 2 weeks of it for the reading part of the class. You wouldn’t think we could manage to be so scatterbrained about one class but I am sure the teacher thinks we are the biggest dipshits on Earth. 

Maths has fallen to the wayside along with biology for the last week.  See we have sold our house and last week was the lesson of finding a place to live.  As it was just youngest and I to get the job done we were house hunting all week around the activities and classes schedule.  We did find a house but still waiting for a go ahead on the referencing.  Didn’t expect it to take so long.

Every week we have a science class, minecraft club, fencing/climbing and 2 gymnastics classes.  We also have an art class once a month, St John’s cadets and cat care volunteering.  You would think I would have the sense not to leave the house without my diary but not me.  I managed a new record for over scheduling myself by quadruple booking myself for this Thursday and double booking Friday.  I have rescheduled as best I could but things are still a bit manic on Thursday morning with pizza making and a makeup tips appointment. It is only going to get worse as we start moving in earnest around everything else.  October may kill me but I am still excited about our move.

Perhaps one day I will feel like we have all our ducks in a row but I think it is more likely I will have the squirrels at a rave happening instead.  Crazy times really but it is still a great adventure!

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