PB protein shake

I was thinking that you might enjoy my recipe for a peanut butter protein shake. Sometimes cooking up porridge or a fry up is a bit hot mess in the morning.  It is nice to have a few non- meat/egg based meals as well as finding something that provides a whole lot of nutrition.  It isn’t strictly paleo obviously as it does have peanut butter but you can always substitute almond butter if you like.

So here goes:

1 serving Vanilla Protein powder (I use        usn diet fuel ultra lean but any should  do)

2 TBSP peanut butter (natural is best)

2 TBSP chia seeds

400ml water 

Cinnamon to taste

Sweet and simple with no extra sugar added.  The sweetness from the protein powder does the trick.  I use a good bit of cinnamon….probably nearly a level teaspoon of it but it doesn’t overwhelm the rest.

Now let’s talk nutrition remembering this is based on used the usn diet fuel.  Toal calories are 507.  I know that sounds high but is a a very filling shake and not small either.  The idea is to be a meal in itself.  The protein is a whopping 40g per serving.  Carbohydrates are 32 with 17.2 of it fiber which is nearly a whole day’s worth.  Sugar is a measly 4.4g which is slightly under 1 tsp…almost nothing.  Fat is 22.6 grams pretty well spread over the saturate, poly, and monounsaturated fats.  The chia seeds even get you some omega 3.  As for vitamins A and C, you get 30% of your daily needs.  Over 60% of calcium RDA and 50% of your iron.  It also packs a nice potassium punch of nearly 700mg while being low in sodium.

I sometimes substitute a bit of pbfit for the peanut butter.  It is one of those powdered peanut butters that has had some fat removed.  I am not worrying about fat but as it is easy to measure and pour into a shake or porridge rather than messing with the sticky peanut butter mess I have been giving it a go.  It does a nice job. 

Hopefully this recipe will be a nice breakfast or even lunch addition to your day.   Enjoy!

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One Response to PB protein shake

  1. Too high carb for me, but anything with peanut butter is lush

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