A day off

Today I have had a day off from paleo eating.  Not sure why I chose to take the day off but I thought I might share my observations about this day.

Breakfast: a cup of tea and then 2 mini cups of hot chocolate while at a car dealership.  I failed miserably at having breakfast as I was hurrying out the door expecting to be going to a farmer’s market.  Our cash car was sounding particularly bad so we redirected to a dealership and bought a 3 year old car.

Lunch: sandwich of cheese and onion chutney with a sprite zero.  Just didn’t have much in the house and grabbed quickly as this time we were going to the market.

Snack 1:  mini vegan friendly chocolate bar.  We were at the market and the other got big bars of chocolate and I just wanted some but not that much.  23g was the size.

Dinner: 5 beef and black bean tacos with lettuce, tomato, salsa, avocado and cheese in corn shells. So many levels of just not paleo.  It didn’t taste anywhere near as good as I remember.  

Snack 2: cup of tea and 4 digestive biscuits.   Sort of stale tasting to me.

I really did not enjoy anything I ate.  It was bland and boring.  Well maybe not the chocolate but definitely the sandwich and tacos.  

By western culture standards my protein was low.  My carbs were mediocre so high for paleo standards.  My fat was high and mostly saturated.  My sodium was sky high my potassium was pathetically low.  I got enough calcium apparently but vitamins A and C as well as iron were way too low.  Normally when I am eating by paleo standards I meet all my vitamin and mineral standards, my sodium is low, my fat is mostly unsaturated and my protein meets the levels that My Fitness Pal requires.  The only saving grace is that I managed to stay within calories even if they were empty ones.

My conclusion is that paleo meets my needs much better than sandwiches and homemade tacos.  
Update: after a day of eating non-paleo I am now having my first migraine since I started paleo eating in May.

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One Response to A day off

  1. I am on a keto lifestyle, and find reading a keto article or listening to a keto podcasts daily helps. I think your mnd loses focus and remembers the old way of eating (habits) more fondly than it should.

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