Clean eating

I am watching a show about the dirty secrets of cleaning eating and it is utter rubbish.  It isn’t really about clean eating so much about fad diets. Clean eating is about eating non-processed foods.   It isn’t about cutting out food groups save for processed crap.  Now I am not following a clean eating diet exactly at this point but I have enough sense to see that it is a healthy approach as long as you don’t take eating to extremes.

We all do well with slight differences to the next person and that is ok.  I might choose a paleo diet because for me it is helping with my weight loss but that doesn’t mean it is best for every person nor that paleo will definitely be the best choice for me in the future.  I have friends that are vegetarians and vegans because it is right for them.  I have gluten free friends do to allergy and have known a girl who reacted badly to uncooked fruits and vegetables.  You have to find what works for you.  

No one should be implying that eating a diet free of heavily processed food is dangerous.  Eating a diet based on just one food like potatoes is nuts.  Avoiding protein is dangerous.  Eating burgers and fries with a big bottle of cola everyday is unhealthy.  Any diet can lead to an eating disorder including the ones based on a dietician endorsed diet.  Eating non-processed foods with lots of fruit and veg, sufficient protein and a comfortable amount of healthy fats and carbs is not crazy, dangerous or unhealthy.  Crazy is believing that one size fits all.

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