Running in Circles

I have been so busy lately.  I have asked for gastric sleeve surgery so have been dealing with dietician and psychology apps as well as dieting.  My youngest broke her arm so we have been dealing with fracture clinics for the last 7 weeks as well.  My husband had a couple appointments as well which he needed a ride (all ok there).  Lastly, my son needs me to take him to register for his college classes.  Sometimes I feel like I am running in circles.

Dieting, dieting and more dieting…the life of a fat girl.  Asked for surgery so now have to convince about a dozen people that my life is of value so I can get this done.  First dietician wasn’t too bad but she was just the first gatekeeper.  I lost weight as asked and was referred to the next level.  On I moved to the group meeting.  Let me just say that I hate group meetings.  At this point I met the new dietician and the psychologist.  They are condescending and rude with obvious stereotypes about fat people.  First sessions we were called liars because we didn’t say we eat chips/fries with lasagne (which I don’t and haven’t ).  They irritate the heck out of me.  I have however gotten the referral from the dietician.  The psychologist is making me see him again.  I find him so ridiculous and out of touch with reality that I think this will be a challenge to get the referral.  Still have to see the endocrinologist in august so hoping for the best.

Speaking if dieting, I have been attempting to follow the paleo diet.  Ironically, it is not far off of a post-surgery diet (especially since many people find they can’t eat breads and pastas, etc after) but they seem stuck on the idea of simply limiting my carbs.  I have learned that I enjoy sauteed spinach though and have  been eating so much more veg.  I still find planning the meals challenging as my mind goes straight to the starchy foods but I get there in the end.  I am now down 40lbs since Jan 2nd and finding that since dropping the carbs to just around 100g that my dreaded belly fat is shrinking much faster.

About 10 days before my first group weight loss surgery meeting my daughter broke her arm at gymnastics.  She didn’t do it by halves either.  She snapped her radius and ulna both in half with her ulna poking through the skin.  Luckily her St John’s Ambulance cadets training came to mind so she did a great job of staying calm and holding pressure until paramedics arrived. I was off having my hair cut while she was in class so had to meet her at hospital.  Crazy 48hrs that was!  Since then it was fracture clinic appointments almost every Monday for 6 weeks and finally the cast off exactly 7 weeks to the hour of her break.

Tomorrow is the college class registration for my son.  I think he has his plan in mind now.  Just hope he can get the classes.  Five gcse subjects next year and then he should be set to choose more gcses next year, a btec, a – levels (depending on gcse grades) or a combination.  He still seems unsure of his future plans (fair enough at 14) so figuring out the best path is extra challenge.

So yeah I have been busy.  Even thought about trying to get a job at the hospital seeing as I am always there.  This phase will pass soon enough though.  Just keep pushing on.

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