I was at the computer store with my husband for the upteenth time in a week and wondering aimlessly when I came across a fitbit.  I had asked for a fitbit for Christmas  and still wanted one so I came up with a plan.  I walked over to my hubby and said, “I have decided that from now on everytime you drag me to the computer store you have to buy me something.”  I took home my fitbit.

It has been a fun little gadget so far.  It makes a decent watch which is saying something from a person who does not like watches.  It also tracks steps, mileage, elevation (as stairs but hills seem to register as well) and calories burned and can be an alarm clock.

The steps tracking works really well for me at the moment.  My fitness is at an all-time low so I feel rather defeated most of the time but having a steps goal oddly works for me.  I had always tracked via time walking or distance (even if only in my head) and felt like I needed to walk faster and farther.  With only tracking steps I don’t feel the urge to go faster or push it all into one walk so the pressure is off.  My walk today felt reasonably fun which was the first time in a while.

I don’t know if my fitbit will continue to be my novel little toy but it is a start.  For now I am just continuing to plod along in hopes that it will eventually get me where I want to go.

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2 Responses to Fitbit

  1. lexilife says:

    I’ve got my fitbit on charge now – I’ve had for 4 months now and I’m still as obsessed with it. The satisfaction of having all the stats turn green is enough to keep me going! great post x

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