All or Nothing….or maybe trying

I have attempted the switch to vegetarian eating several times and quit so putting this out there feels a bit scary.  I have lapsed a couple of times since making the decision about a week ago but I don’t feel bad about the lapses.  In the past I have always attempted these things in an all or nothing sort of attitude and that hasn’t worked so trying a different attitude this time.

All or nothing….I tend to do this to myself in so many areas of my life. Diet: eat nothing but yogurt and diet coke until by dinner I am eating a burger and ice cream.  Exercise: do two hours of intense cardio five days a week and then add on a six mile hike on the weekend until my body gave out in pain and illness so I quit everything.  Studying: do a section a day and plan to finish the one year course in a week (ok maybe I imagined 6 weeks) and crumble in frustration when the first chapter is boring to the point of disemboweling seeming a better activity.  All or nothing hasn’t worked well for me so I need to try and think (and be reminded) that doing my best is in fact good enough.

Now I shall go dance intensely while scrubbing my house from top to bottom…hahaha  yeah right like that is going to happen.

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