Selling the house

Six weeks ago we put our house on the market.  We all know that this is a highly stressful activity.  It is even more stressful when there also remains many things up in the air. We finally have clear confirmation of where we are moving to but that throws up other questions.  What will we do about college for our eldest? How will we proceed with gcses for our younger two? How will I manage to live in close proximity to my husband’s family?  Will I be happy?

We are moving into the in laws house with the grandmother while they convert another building on the property into a bungalow for themselves.  This is the father in law’s house for pretty much his entire life.  I expect to feel under the thumb and have to get permission to decorate in my own style.   In addition to this I expect that I will be experiencing abuse from the brother in law as he will likely still be visiting his parents.  I will have to require all locks to be changed on the house and the brother in law not having any copies but what about being made uncomfortable in my garden or having my car blocked in.  I know I have to be mentally strong and prepared.  This is my biggest stress.

Even though we are homeschoolers we do make use of a local college for many courses including a wide selection of gcses.  My eldest is finishing off her gcses now so that is not a concern but her special effects makeup course is uncommon and I have only found one location within the county but nearly a distant traffic wise as commuting to the current college.  I am going to be looking at driving for 3-4 hours everyday for this course which is the first step for my eldest career interests.  I hate driving at the best of times.  I guess that does mean I can avoid the brother in law most of the time. 

If we don’t have the option of our wonderful college than our other option for gcses is doing them from home.  It is doable but I was really wanting to avoid it.  I really don’t understand gcses well because I have never experienced something so ridiculous  (expecting people to memorise a book for stuff to take a single test that decides their entire future).  What if we don’t prepare well enough? I don’t have a great knowledge of exam skills to impart on my kids.  I could hire a tutor for an hour a week to help get through things but that gets the expenses much higher which I am not sure we can manage as income looks likely to change soon as well.

On top of everything else, we have not had any viewing yet.  I have no idea why.  Not a clue why people are so disinterested in an area where houses are selling in a week.  Our last couple attempts at house selling failed miserably so I guess I am a bit “shell-shocked” but the real estate business. 

I had always dreamed of designing and building my own home and now I know that this will never happen.  I know where my future lies and it is lovely and historic but it will never be mine.  It will never be the piece of me that I dreamed of creating.  It was a pie in the sky dream I guess but it was mine.

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6 Responses to Selling the house

  1. Hi, lots of home educators do IGCSEs, and everyone feels overwhelmed to start with I think, but there’s loads of online peer support.

    • fivebeansoup says:

      I know. I just liked being able to outsource that bit. Also, I find the gcse/igcse info confusing and no one has ever been helpful with recommendations….they just tell everyone to read the wiki page and leave it at that.

  2. GeorgieMoon says:

    Did you sell your house? I’ve just put my house in the UK up for sale. But in three weeks we’ve only had three viewers, the result of an open house. I think the agent has over-valued it. Now he has contacted me to suggest reducing the price to what I thought it was worth in the first place! It’s so stressful, isn’t it!

    • fivebeansoup says:

      We did sell the house after 9 months. The first agent vastly overvalued the house and failed to get any viewing for 3 months and 2 reductions in price. By the time we could get out of the contract with the first agent it was quickly coming up to vote time for Brexit and the market got nervous. Then the UK voted out and our value dropped overnight. In the end we accepted an offer 28K less than the original asking price. It did sell though and we are settled in our new home.

      • GeorgieMoon says:

        I’m glad it all worked out for you. Luckily here in the UK the Brexit issue has not affected house prices st the moment. So we’ll leave the house on the market until after Christmas then see what happens.

      • fivebeansoup says:

        It did effect the house prices…everyone dropped about 10k within a could weeks. And that was just a vote not the actual exit which will likely cause much more havoc!

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