I am trapped in a relationship I want nothing to do with.  A toxic person that I want nothing more than to never have to see or interact with again in my life.  Someone I don’t want within a mile of my children…i mean no contact ever.  But I can’t protect myself or my children because the toxic person is in my husband’s family.  I put up with this person for many years of biting my tongue and walking away.  I have put up with being insulted, degraded, and ever hit.  In the end I slapped that worthless piece of shit across the face when I finally lost my temper and I will not apologise.   I hate that I lost my temper but I will not cower to that monstrosity anymore.  Everyday I face more abuse from that man.  He purposely hurts my husband and children because his own way is all that matters.  The very thought of this person made me imagine cutting my own wrists last night.  I can’t escape.

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3 Responses to Trapped

  1. You don’t know me from Adam but…just wanted to say that there have been times in my life and family when a line has been crossed and I have cut off contact. You’ve titled it “Trapped” but does it have to be a trap?

    • fivebeansoup says:

      I think so. As long as we are both a part of this family. I can’t turn my back on everyone else because of one. Also, he is my husband’s brother….he is a part of my husband’s life and I love my husband more than my words can express.

  2. Miriam says:

    Like the previous commenter, I have cut toxic people out of my life. And I feel no guilt about it whatsoever. This must be very difficult, but I think it’s okay for you to set boundaries to protect yourself and your kids. Your husband can still have a relationship with his brother, but you don’t have to be a part of it. Although i can see how family gatherings may be problematic, but perhaps if you choose to attend you can simply ignore his brother, pretend he doesn’t exist. Or just not go.

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