It’s been awhile

Sometimes I wonder why I bothered starting a blog.  It doesn’t really seem to have a point.  Perhaps I should have gone a more anonymous route as I feel uncomfortable  talking about some thing with people I know reading. I think, for the most part, I started this blog in order to just speak out and move on.  So here goes.

I hate reading an article/blog/news piece that makes no mention or insinuation that a person has a disability of any sort whatsoever and than in comments people immediate diagnose someone from the article as autistic or any other disability of the day.  You can not accurately diagnose any disability from an article and even if you could it is not your place.  I have no issue whatsoever with giving those struggling with disabilities extra assistance/help/time to get what they need done in any way but done go off and declare that joe blow jr who had a tantrum (any no other info provided) must have autism because sometimes a tantrum is just a tantrum.

I know that first one will rile up those that see themselves in that group…oh well.

I finally attended a homeschooling festival.  It was called HESFES and happened in Wales.  Boring as all get out.  Nothing there for the non-partying younger teens at all really.  My son spent the whole holiday sitting in the car reading books….luckily he brought several.  Even for me it was pretty boring with just 3 workshops of any interest and nothing for adult socialising that I found (again deafening music is the opposite  of social as we struggle to hear conversation in quiet locations).  We may attend again and hope it was just an off year but in the future we will plan daily days out and food that doesn’t require cooking since electric wasn’t provided and weather prevented using the cooker.

I am frustrated by the call to take in refugees when a single family member of an otherwise British household has to prove income and pay extra funds into the NHS in order to be allowed to stay with their family.  No family should spend years with a constant threat of having their family split up just because one member was born far away.  No citizen should be put in a place of having to choose between the person they love and their home (and other family). Bring in refugees…i have no problem with that.  I would even be willing to take someone in my home in order to help but stop punishing British citizens  and their family members for having a non-eu spouse/partner.

Generally, I am frustrated with society and the direction it is headed in.  I believe in providing the basics for everyone but working for anything beyond subsistence.  I believe that education is a basic human right that all should have but I do not believe that the state should be the monopoly  holder and in fact can’t be if we are to provide the opportunity  of education to all because not all will ever fit the system.  Medical care is a basic human right that should be provided to every person on the planet equally no matter their socioeconomic status.  I believe every person should have a home and having more than one house without it leaves in should bring shame to the homeowner as long as there are people living on the streets. This is not what I see happening though and it is not the path I see us travelling  in.

I guess this really turned out to be a rant.  Sometimes a person needs to just let it all out.  I might not have gotten it all out though but some things I can’t say around some people.

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