I am successful

So often in our society I hear about how we need to get more women into the workplace.  I hear that homemakers are doomed to drudgery and that caring for your family full – time is insanity inducing.  I am told by the government that I am not worthy of anything unless I am earning a wage for it.  I am here to say that I am a wife, a mother, a homemaker and I AM SUCCESSFUL!  I do have it all.  I have everything I ever wanted in my life.
I am not dumb.  I am not uneducated.  I am not incapable of outside work.  I simply believe that I am doing the job that I came to this earth to do.  I am taking care of my family and home.  I help others in my community whenever I can and truly enjoy this.   I would love to find more ways to be helpful as well but not to the extent of giving less of myself to my family.
I am a mother of three fabulous kids.  They are my sunshine and they have given me more purpose in my life than any paid work could ever provide.  Could they manage without me at home? Yes, but why should they manage while doing my work when I can get be home to do that work and allow my kids to thrive? I am not insane and I love my time with my children as much in their teens as when they were babies, toddlers or young kids.
I am a wife and homemaker while my husband works.  He works hard just as I do at home but he gets paid.  We get no financial help whatsoever either.  Could we afford lots of nice things that we have sacrificed for our family life? Sure but things are not as important as family!
I really don’t care whether or not any other person chooses to have children and work.  What I care about is that society needs to recognise that homemakers/stay-at – home parents are of value to society and we are just as much a success in life as anyone else be that person a prime minister or a street sweeper.  I AM SUCCESSFUL!

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One Response to I am successful

  1. Miriam says:

    I feel the same way- great post 🙂

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