What skills do you have?

I am sure I cannot quote the meme accurately but here is the general idea.  We have a couple people on either side of the desk , it is a job interview, and the employer asks the candidate what skills he has to which he replies that he can take tests.  I have always giggled when I see it but it is a sad truth really.

This morning I was happily playing on Facebook and taking quizzes.   Scored genius on a geography quiz.  Took another quiz where it guesses your education level and I got PhD.  Being as I only ever finished high school it made me happy until I considered how well I would have done without multiple choice.  That is when it really occurred to be that my strongest (academic) skill is that I can take a test and knock your socks off.  I can standardise test with the best of them.  You give me a scantron and I will show you I am a genius.  In reality though it is different.

I am excellent with trivia games as my head is swimming with facts.  I play Trivia Crack and zoom through games.  It is however utterly useless.  I have no skill that the job market has any interest in.  If something happened to my wonderful husband I would be unable to support my family. 

This is what the educational system did for me before standardised testing was the whole focus.  I truly fear for this new generation that has focused so heavily on passing tests that they don’t even get to visit the school library from January through the end of the year.    Will they be able to progress?

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