Resolutions and ramblings

I know it has been a while since I posted anything.  It is funny how one can have plenty going on in one’s life but have nothing to say about it.  I think that is really always quite true for me but I force myself into communication (not just nervous talking because I don’t know what else to do).  This blog I guess is really just me forcing myself to communicate with the world.

Over the past few months we have moved back into home education.  We tried the schools for a year but found them to be too prison like in atmosphere and attitude as well as inefficient.  The eldest is now doing college classes and enjoying choir while the middle one is engrossed in programming and minecraft.  The youngest is still just bouncing around every subject and doing lots of art.  They are happy and enjoying their freedom again.

In December the car died.  Luckily it was after everything out of town that we had planned had been completed for the year but it comes will challenges nonetheless.   First issue is just grocery shopping but between ordering online and having a bike for the near by small shops we can get by.  The next issue was getting around in town so we have learned the workings of the local bus enough to get to a hospital appointment and the eldest getting to college.  Life with a bus pass is new but not bad as I like just relaxing and watching the world pass by.  Lastly is the issue of going out of town.   I prefer the train but the cost is extravagant with a family of five so renting a small car once or twice a month is actually cheaper. Hopefully we can get the car sorted out this year but at least we have a plan. 

As for plans, my resolution this year is to get my house and household organised and within budget.  No easy feat I can assure you.  I got started in December with putting together a household binder and dealing with my first shop as pay day was the 22nd. I have my household budget worked out along with a cash spending register as I am avoiding the debit card (except for ordering online from the grocery store for the big bulky stuff).  So far so good with budget but organisation seems like a much bigger challenge…will see what the future holds.

Speaking of New Year’s resolutions, my lovely hubby is determined to run a marathon so is working on healthy eating and exercise.  This of course means that I am also trying to support him in this by eating healthier too.  I am not motivated at all though so it is a struggle.  I desperately need to loose weight and quite a large amount of it but I have been trying for so long and failing for so long that I just want to move on to other areas of my life.  I will survive and will likely be better off for it but so far it has just been going through the motions.

Well I guess that pretty well catches you up on our ordinary little lives.  I have managed that magically little thing of communication with the world to some sorry extant.  Hopefully I can manage to come up with more topics in the future so as to practice my writing more often than once every three months. 

So let’s have a couple closing questions.  Do you find it hard to communicate with others?  Do you have a resolution this year?

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