Chedworth Roman Villa

We visited Chedworth Roman Villa recently.  It is a ruin of a roman villa that was discovered in the Cotswolds back in the Victorian era. We saw roman mosaic floors laid 1700 year ago, learned a bit about medicine of the era and wondered around the uncovered ruins to get a better idea of the size and lay out.

Chedworth Roman Villa is a National Trust property north of Cirencester in the Cotswolds of England.  It was fun finding it in the first place down a few long single lane roads with pheasant everywhere.  Once we got there the kids went straight to the it shop like usual.  What is it with them and shopping?

After getting our membership scanned we went over to the building that has the protected mosaic floors.


This is a picture of what is under the floors.  Essentially it is underfloor heating.




I can’t recall which room is which but all the mosaics were amazing and each room different.

Also in the building was an education area.  The kids saw some Roman games but as no one knew how to play the games the kids quickly lost interest.


What they did enjoy learning more about was the medicine of the era.  They used a pestle and mortar to grind up spices, lavender and sage which the put into a bit of cheesecloth to make a sachet.  It was to smell for helping clear the sinuses or something.  They also saw Roman medical equipment and learned about brain surgery as well as a couple other gruesome procedures of the time.


After keeping the education man talking for ages we moved on outside where it was raining so I didn’t take pictures.  We saw a Roman shrine to the goddess of spring, the bathhouse and several less district rooms.  They had managed to uncover enough of the building to give a general outline of a rather large building.

I think my son’s favourite part was at the end when he found the Roman latrine.  A gentleman who works there kindly explained the layout of the toileting facilities (there was also a drawing to help bring it to life) and the use of the fabric/sponge on a stick which they used in place of toilet paper as it had yet to be invented.  I do believe the communal butt wiper might just have made his day.

In the end we revisited the gift shop and got a book on gladiators for my son and a paper model book of a Roman villa for the youngest.  Overall a good day out.

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