Lydiard Park

Today I went for a walk in a lovely park.  I walk in this park often but have never really explored.   Today I got off the main paths a little bit and found some beautiful quiet spots to visit and further explore in the future.







The weather was wonderful and warm meaning I enjoyed the day in short sleeves and no need for a cardigan.  The air was fresh and invigorating for my lungs.  It was just perfectly what I needed.

I realised something while I walked.  I feel secure and relaxed in the trees.  The more trees surrounding me the more at ease I feel.  I do believe that the woods are my happy place that I can go to in order to center myself.  Luckily I know of several wooded areas I can visit either within a walk or a short drive.

I hope you have enjoyed my pictures.  I hope you might find your way to your happy place or perhaps go for a walk and find it for the first time.

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2 Responses to Lydiard Park

  1. Frugal Trenches says:

    I am swooning and very home sick!

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