Gloucester Catheral



My photos aren’t very good I admit and I really should learn to think of my readers and take pictures inside the most glorious locations I visit but alas I am rather unaware of the rest of the world throughout my life…oops.

We had a little day out in Gloucester to visit the Cathedral and a couple of museums as the weather report said a 70% chance of rain.  Gloucester Catheral was one of the loveliest I have seen so far.  I was particularly amazed by the craftsmanship of the building while considering the fact they had none of the technology we have today and yet modern building haven’t a 1/100 of the style and strength of this 12th building.

We saw the tomb of King Edward II as well as that of the eldest son of William the Conquered.  Again the skill that went into the elaborate tombs is amazing but it is a shame we are no longer able to see the colours that they had originally adorned the tomb with.  There was a drawing giving an idea of how it would have looked but it was not restored to that extent.

After the cathedral, we visited the city museum.  We purchased a membership so that we can visit again later in the year as well as their sister museum, Gloucester Folk Museum.  We had hoped to visit both today but ran out of time on our parking.  The City Museum was small but it followed the history of the city from jurassic times right through to modern times.  We also listened to a talk about the history of pencils which seemed to have no relation to Gloucester other than referring to medieval skills near that section of the museum.  For what sounds like a rather boring subject he did make it interesting and sent my youngest home with a new pencil and leaflets about pencils.   Overall it was a good little museum and I will likely return with the kids another day and spend more time dressing up as a roman and colouring pictures.

As we left the museum the children were so hungry that the eldest claimed she would eat a tomato (she loathes them more than liver!).  We walked down to the docks area, found a Nando’s and enjoyed a very unhealthy meal.  The kids didn’t remember Nando’s so we escaped without copious amounts of frozen yogurt.  Alan and the kids enjoyed chicken burgers while I had a very good beanie burger (it had cheese in it so not vegan but boy was it tasty) and peri peri chips.  
We had intended to visit the Folk Museum and a studio/shop complex for local artisans but I forgot the name of the place and couldn’t locate it.  Probably lucky as our time on parking was running out so had to head home.   We headed back to the car but made one last stop when I spotted the perfect coffee mug for the hubby (stay calm I’m an England fan on a ceramic mug with a silicone lid).  From there was one last walk past the cathedral when I finally got my head out of the sand and took a picture for all to see. 

Overall it was a lovely day out as the weather did hold.  Tonight is an 80s party for a friend’s 40th birthday.  I will spare you all a picture of this mess.  Enjoy your weekend everyone…i intend to do the same.

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