I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of chairs tea looking out our bay front windows when a memory came so vividly through my mind.  The memory was of my mother sitting at her sisters’ tables having a cup of coffee and a chat.  It was one memory but combining a myriad of memories from my early childhood.

We lived across the street from my mother’s sister and best friend.  She was about 5 years older than my mother and widowed but the most amazing character you could ever meet.  For her 60th birthday she went bungee jumping and she loved riding her motorcycle, with the recycled teenager sticker on it, in a pink jumpsuit, goggles and snuggle bear backpack.  We lost her 6 1/2 years ago but that feeling of being back in her kitchen felt so real in that moment.

The other part of the memory was just as clear but at another aunt’s home.  She is such a warm soul.  She is suffering from Alzthiemers disease.  It has taken her from us…or is that taken us from her.  For me she was a warm hug and a huge smile.

I miss them terribly at times.  I wish I had relationships like those.  I would love to fine myself at my table sipping my tea while have a long conversation about anything that sprung into our minds. 

Those memories and feelings were so strong that I suspect some news to be coming my way soon.  Not sure exactly what but feel strongly something has happened or is about to happen.

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