Lovely Weekend

Let me begin by saying the spring weather we had this weekend here in southern England couldn’t have been more perfect and relaxing.  I could not have possibly asked for anything better for Mother’s Day weekend.

Our Saturday started out with a healthy breakfast followed by 4 out of 5 of us jogging in a Parkrun.   I stayed on the sidelines so as to allow my foot more healing time which I believe was exactly the right choice.  My wonderful husband ran his best time (in his 3rd ever 5K) in about 27 minutes.  My eldest ran her second best time in 37 minutes and the youngest two got personal bests of 34 minutes (boy) and 37 minutes (girl).  I am very proud of them all!

After the run my husband and I checked out the local farm shop and bought almost all of our week’s shopping.  Missed out a couple things but I can get those bits later.  The shop had everything I needed save for sliced bread.  How funny that.

Most of the rest of Saturday went to planting our fruit/veg garden.  We have onions, onions, and more onions planted but I am sure it will be no where near enough.  We also planted 12 strawberry plants, a blueberry bush, six tomato plants, 8 little gem lettuce and a gooseberry.  My favorite part is my strawberries that will be hanging in baskets on the fences.  That just sounds beautiful and tasty.  It is a small garden so we have a few containers that we are working with…i just hope we don’t kill it all.

Sunday was even more busy.  When I came down for breakfast I was greeted by a sign drawn by my youngest which said “Happy Mother’s Day”.  My breakfast didn’t make the vegetarian goal I have set but it was lovely and made by those I love.  We had eggs, beans, mushrooms, sausages and toast with butter and jam.  It was all very filling.  At breakfast I also received my gift of a straw hat with a striped bow of blue and white in sort of a 20 fashion.

After breakfast we went on a road trip to The Vale of Evesham.  Evesham itself is a beautiful town but I must say I was taken by the entire area even out of bloom (it is meant to be one of the most beautiful places in bloom).  We enjoyed a short walk along a bit of the river in a park in the town center.  The kids enjoyed the playground and open space immeasurably while we walked, visited a war memorial and read up about the Abbey that had once stood where the park is now.  After the town center we visited Evesham Country Park.  We visited their wonderful garden center and the farm shop before having a simple meal of panninis and jacket potatoes followed by cream tea and scones with clotted cream and jam.  Down to the River Avon we walked while the kids ran on ahead.  It seemed like a rather perfect place to relax during a quiet alone time.


After visiting Evesham we headed home with enough time and lovely sun to go for a late afternoon bike ride.  Now I am very proud of how well I did on my ride of 6 miles approximately.   I had trouble on hills like always but there is only one way to improve and that is by doing.  Dinner for that night was a curried cauliflower soup that my husband lovingly made for me (with a bit of explaining each step) and cheese and onion toasties.  This finished off a wonderful weekend and filled me with an immense sense of blessing.

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