Charity “race”

It was a 5K/10 but it wasn’t something officially timed…you had to just remember to look at the correct clock when crossing the finish.  I managed the 5K route in 54 minutes which was one of my slowest times but with the pain in my foot it was still good because I finished.  We had signed up for this run in February and as it is in aid of a beast cancer charity and a memorial to one of my husband’s former co – worker I felt like I had to push through. 

I will be trying to switch over to cycling for the next month to give my foot sone rest now.  I finally managed to catch what strange thing I was doing that likely caused the foot trouble.  I am not only again walking on the outside of that foot (normally just causing ankle ache) but also turning my right toes in toward my left foot and my step off isn’t going forward over my toes but off to the right through my ankle.   No wonder my right foot is in such a mess at this point.  How on earth I came to this strange painful habit I will never know but I must figure out how to change it.

So after the walk on Sunday, my husband and I went around to a few garden centers to get more bits for our vegetable patch we are trying to start up and went to the grocery store.  Got the bits that I needed at the grocery store and my foot felt tender.  Walked around the first garden center and was hobbling by the time we got out of there with a compost bin and more compost for getting started on the beds.  Went to the second garden center for a couple more raised beds and I had to just wait in the car while dh picked those up.  After that I spent a couple hours just sitting. 

By the time I got up this morning I was sore from head to toe.  I guess my exercise this week just finally caught up to me…oh well, still need a couple bits at the store and my bike is the only transport.  Off I go again!

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