Hard Weekend for Me

Spending the weekend with my in laws equals stress and pressure.

I mentioned before of eating a vegan – is diet in order to get healthy and lose weight but what I didn’t mention is that my husband’s family run their local butcher shop.  They tend to take offense to not eating meat and I just wasn’t prepared for the abuse if I
refused meat and said the word vegan.  I am weak!

I am happy that i stayed strong with my vegan choices for breakfast and even managed to keep to a vegetarian lunch but the bbq in the evening was a complete and total loss.  Breakfast was a smoothie of spinach, watercress, banana, nectarine, and plum with a bit of hazelnut milk…delicious.  Lunch was another smoothies of spinach, avocado and blueberries with almondmilk alongside a cheese and onion chutney sandwich.  These means we’re filling and healthy and I am proud of them even if the cheese wasn’t ideal but dinner was another story.

Dinner was two burgers (with one bun) and two sausages (with one bun) along with salad and grilled asparagus.  Even after all that food I was not really feeling satisfied.  A couple if hours later I had two slices of meat feast pizza.  I just ended up feeling disgusted with myself.

Between the bbq and the pizza I also had the joy of being in the middle of a conversation that mostly consisted of insulting vegetarians.  I just stayed quiet and looked to my husband to tty to shut the conversation down which wasn’t working.   Luckily my brother in law’s girlfriend was rather annoyed with the discussion and walked out which made clear to her boyfriend that he had offended her.  I wish I was stronger so that I could deal better with this family issue.

On an up note, our new bell tent has arrived and my bike is ready of collection from the shop.  In the next couple days I will work on a post about our cycle ride in the Forest of Dean and share photos of the tent and my new bike.  I have great hopes that cycling will give me my fitness without hurting my foot anymore and allowing it to heal.

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