Walking, pain and cycling

Throughout February I have been working on upping my walking mileage as well as upping my speed. Early in the month I had spent a day in Bristol visiting museums and spent hours walking all over the city. Sadly I have been paying the price for that lovely day ever since.

See I had been climbing lots of steep hills that day, which is unusual in the town I live in, and I hurt my heel. I suspect this is plantar fasciitis as it is fine while walking but after a walk or jog (especially uphill) my heel screams in pain the moment it touches the floor. I have realised that my only option is the rest my foot for a while.

The problem for me is that having such a low fitness level the only exercise I have is walking so resting means not exercising. This is a massive problem on the face of it anyway but worse when trying to lose weight. I am desperately hoping that giving my foot a week to rest and heal will do the trick as the weather this weekend is looking pretty excellent and I am hoping to go to the Forest of Dean for a nice later winter/early spring walk.

If I am in agony again after that I am hoping that switching to cycling for a while will help the problem as we are planning to buy my bike this weekend. Hate to think how short of a distance I will be able to manage on a bike after not cycling but a handful of times (less than a mile each time) in five years. I am looking forward to being able to cycle to the store and build up my mileage though as one day I would like to cycle the Ridgeway with my husband. Hopefully my foot will heal and I will be able to get back into at least hiking again but if it continues to be a problem I think I could learn to love cycling.

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4 Responses to Walking, pain and cycling

  1. innocent_bikestander says:

    Hey Dottie this is a great post! Don’t worry about how far you will manage after not riding for a while. It’s all about giving it a go and you will probably be surprised by how much you enjoy it (you get to relive being a kid again!) and how easy it is. The expression ‘It’s just like riding a bike’ exists with good reason. Enjoy.

  2. MissFit says:

    FiveBean – please check out this article and please let me know if I can be of any service: http://phoenixfit4life.wordpress.com/2014/02/12/the-first-step-to-a-less-painful-first-step/

    • fivebeansoup says:

      Thank you. I will try the stretching my calves part since that seems helpful. Nothing much I can do about obesity save what I am already doing and since my feet don’t roll inward when I walk I am not much interested in wasting that money. I will make it to the doctor one of these days.

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