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Lovely Weekend

Let me begin by saying the spring weather we had this weekend here in southern England couldn’t have been more perfect and relaxing.  I could not have possibly asked for anything better for Mother’s Day weekend. Our Saturday started out … Continue reading

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I try but I don’t seem to succeed

I just can’t seem to figure out how to balance eating healthily, sustainably and keep within a moderate budget. It is the fruits and vegetables that break my budget every week.  We manage to probably just about average 5 a … Continue reading

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Charity “race”

It was a 5K/10 but it wasn’t something officially timed…you had to just remember to look at the correct clock when crossing the finish.  I managed the 5K route in 54 minutes which was one of my slowest times but … Continue reading

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Proud of myself

I went out for a spin on the bike…just a little exercise on a lovely dry day.  I managed 3.72 miles with three uphill stretches (one uphill beat me near the top but like the warrior I am I pushed … Continue reading

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Bikes and Tents

Collected my new bike today!  I know it is not a sexy racing bike or a mountain bike monster but it is very me.  I have a great upright position that doesn’t hurt my wrists and the ride is smooth … Continue reading

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Hard Weekend for Me

Spending the weekend with my in laws equals stress and pressure. I mentioned before of eating a vegan – is diet in order to get healthy and lose weight but what I didn’t mention is that my husband’s family run … Continue reading

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Walking, pain and cycling

Throughout February I have been working on upping my walking mileage as well as upping my speed. Early in the month I had spent a day in Bristol visiting museums and spent hours walking all over the city. Sadly I … Continue reading

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