Reboots, food and “jogging”

I know I rarely write anything these days. I just haven’t really been able to figure out what to say. Today I have something for you though, I have been working on my health.

At the beginning of February I came across the documentary by Joe Cross called Fat,Sick and Nearly Dead on TV. This wasn’t the first time I had seen the film but this time I was prepared with a juicer and planned to use it. My husband and I did a 7 day juice only reboot. Four to five 500ml juices everyday made from a wide selection of fruits and veg. In that week I dropped off 12lbs on weight and noticed an improvement in my eyesight. Over the next 5 days I began eating solid veggies and fruit but no animal products or added fats. In those 5 days I maintained my weight loss and was eating so much food that I was stuffed.

On days 6-8 though things got a bit hairy. My family was invited to a friend’s house for dinner where we had a meat feast. One meal probably cost me 1500 calories which is more then I had been able to force into myself in one day for almost two weeks. The next day my husband desperately wanted us to order a curry so trying to be good I got vegetarian dishes but as you can imagine those takeaway dishes still cost me a day of calories on there own. If that all wasn’t bad enough though, the third day was my dear husband’s birthday. We went out to eat for lunch and then he wanted to buy cake. Now when my lovely husband gets sweets in his head all rationality goes out the window and we left the store with two gateaus and one gigantic triple chocolate cake. After three days of eating like it was some sort of contest I had gained back 5lbs so I went back to the vegan foods with no added fat and have lost 3lbs.

The only thing that kept me from gaining several more pounds than I did was that my dear husband decided we needed to get involved in a Parkrun. A Parkrun is a weekly non-competitive 5K run that takes place in park all over the UK and even other parts of the world. Now there is absolutely no way in all get out that I could manage to RUN a 5K but walking it is no problem as it is equivalent of me walking to the store and back so I agreed to participate. I decided that there was no way I could accept taking more than 60 minutes to complete the course so put in a few “jogs”. I am not convinced that my “jogging” is actually faster then my walking however it did exercise the muscles a bit differently and made me breath like I was sucking air through a coffee stirrer. I finished the course in 50:53 which is just slightly more than 3.5 mph. Since then I have felt determined that I can improve that time and get myself to an average speed of 4 mph so I have been training. My hubby helped me figure out a 5k route around our neighbourhood that starts and ends at our house which I walked with him on the last day of my Olympic eating contest and then again a couple days later to see how much I could push myself. Apparently I can walk 5K only 2 minutes slower than my time that included “jogging” so my “jog” is faster than my walk.

Now this part was my surprise. My husband decided he wanted us to do another reboot this weekend. Today is day one of reboot 2 which will only be a three day reboot as he is traveling with work next week and I will happily getting back to my vegan foods which seems to suit me well. This morning’s breakfast was a carrot, apple, ginger juice which did taste very nice. Lunch and dinner will be a juice called Pear-fect which has several pears, some celery, kale and parsley. Dessert shall be Sunny G (mango, oranges, yellow pepper and ginger). I sure hope that this reboot gets us both on the straight and narrow as I would love to get back to eating for several weeks before doing this again.

Wish me luck with my latest healthy living pursuits as I have a very long journey ahead of me.

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2 Responses to Reboots, food and “jogging”

  1. Hannah says:

    This is so exciting to me! I saw that documentary and was convinced i could fix my skin condition with plant based nutrients. I don’t have a juicer unfortunately but am falling in love with veggies fruits and nuts. Your blog is extremely interesting for me and i’m looking forward to catching up with it. I lost 5 stone a year ago and struggle to maintain it so I’m very interested in weight loss and nutrition 🙂

    • fivebeansoup says:

      Well thank you. I lost about 5 st 6 years ago myself….sadly I did not maintain it so now am just about at square one again. I don’t have all the answers (or likely any of them) but I shall just keep trying.

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