Tennis Champions!


Emily and Katie came in second and fourth in a local tennis tournament. Ok, there were only four girls entered into their 12U category but I am still very proud!

Each girl had to play three matches so that everyone had played against everyone else (called a round robin). Katie played her first match against Emily’s BFF and lost 8-1. Emily lost her first match to another girl 8-3. Katie’s second match was against the other girl that had beat Emily, Katie lost 8-1. Emily played her BFF and won 8-0. As you can imagine Emily was a bit disappointed and Katie was crushed by the end of day one.

Day two Emily and Katie played each other. Emily is a strong and confident tennis player. She knew she should have won all her matches but that winning this match was imperative! Katie is not so confident and knew Emily would win. Not only did Emily allow us to encourage Katie with some friendly nicknames (like crusher Katie) and telling her to beat Emily (turn Em into a puddle of beatenness) but she also joined in. When Katie got low at one point we had a group hug and at another point Emily told her to turn here into a puddle. Katie played here heart out but lost 8-1.

Katie was devastated about losing all her matches and was in tears. Emily didn’t like seeing her so sad. When we got home, Emily found a ribbon from her own collection, ironed it, filled in the award information, and gave it to Katie.

Later on the last match was played between the BFF and the other girl. If BFF had won 8-2 or better then Emily would have gotten first place and BFF second. Sadly, BFF lost 8-5 so the other girl got first place, Em second, BFF third and Katie fourth. Their coach, who was also in charge of awards, had made it possible for third and fourth places to get a metal each (or as Katie calls them, ribals, because they are ribbons with metals on them).

I was impressed with the physical effort each girl put in. I was impressed with the excellent sportsmanship of these little girls. What impressed me the most though was a love that Emily showed Katie today. That was something that every parent dreams about!

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