Happy Birthday Emily!


Yesterday was my little girl’s 11th birthday. She really isn’t all that little anymore but she will always be my baby girl. She seems to have had a really good day though a good bit of it couldn’t have been planned.

We had been invited to a little party which happened to have been scheduled for Emily’s birthday. It was going to be a pool party so I asked Em if she wanted to go there or do something special just for her…she chose the party. Turned out we were the only invitees to except the invite so it turned out to just be our two families. The kids played in the pool a bit but then Em spotted the horses and asked to see them. Eventually all the kids wondered over to pet the horses. Emily then stated that she wished that she could ride a horse which the family promptly said was ok. She borrowed some clothing from their fourteen year old daughter and was taken out to ride a horse on her birthday. I told you I couldn’t have planned this.

After the party, we went to Lowes and allowed her to choose the paint for her bedroom. The gift this year was to have her room decorated. She and I shopped the Kohl’s website and chose a chair, ottoman, memo board, mirror, and bedding. I also went to Wal-mart and bought a rug and lamp (she had chosen these online but I told her they were too expensive and I couldn’t get them so they were a surprise). In the picture above you can see the chair, lamp, and possibly the ottoman. What you can’t see is the rug that she promptly laid out in the middle of her floor and the items that we are still waiting to arrive, not to mention the bedding that still hasn’t shipped and I am getting nervous about not turning up.

Since we had spend a horrid amount of money on paint and equipment to paint we moved on to dinner. She didn’t know we were taking her out to dinner but she had been talking about going to Dairy Queen for a blizzard on her birthday for months so we headed to the next town over. She didn’t even consider the possibility of DQ being our destination and seemed rather confused. Then during the drive her Grandmother decided to skype her which distracted her even more. By the time we arrived at Dairy Queen, we had managed to get parked up and almost out of the car by the time she figured out where she was. She proceeded to order the large blizzard because it was her birthday. As you can imagine she came no where near finishing it.

As we had managed to gorge ourselves a bit too much on ice cream so headed home feeling a bit queasy. We watched the second of the Lord of the Rings movies and about half way through it decided this was the right time to have the birthday cake.


Sorry this is sideways, haven’t worked out all the kinks yet like rotating pictures on the iPad. Anyway, she made this cake herself from scratch. I did read the recipe to her but she had to double the measurements and then do all the measurements. Her little sister helped with one egg but otherwise this was Emily’s creation. It is a lemon cake with lemon frosting, her favorite. We were already a bit unwell from so much ice cream but the cake was very good as well.

By the time she went to bed the day had been declared the best day ever. She got to meet new friends, go to a pool party, ride a horse, pick out paint and each a blizzard for the first time in her memory (which isn’t very good as she had one a couple years ago as well). Hopefully today will be enjoyed as much as yesterday as we are headed to bunch and then to see The Smurfs movie. Good to have a fun filled weekend!

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One Response to Happy Birthday Emily!

  1. Joanna West says:

    Fantastic to hear she had a wonderful birthday! Can’t believe the little munchkin is 11 already!!

    Hope today was as much of a success as yesterday, and that there are many, many more happy birthdays 🙂

    lots of love to you all xx

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