The Tooth Fairy

Apparently we have the dizziest tooth fairy the world has ever known! So often this fairy has neglected to collect the tooth and deliver the cash. There has even been instances of her getting the tooth and not leaving money and leaving money without collecting the tooth.

My youngest lost two teeth in two days (I think she must be trying to get the money to buy something and just pulling out teeth for cash). Wonderful excited look on her face yesterday when she brought the second tooth to me. The anticipation of getting a whole dollar. We put the tooth in an envelope (tooth fairy is rather near-sided and needs something larger then a tooth to see) and wrote that it was her 6th lost tooth and the date. She happily put it under her pillow thinking that she would be rich in the morning.

Morning came and there was no money and an envelope with a tooth. That ditz forgot the tooth altogether. Never even turned up (she really should be fired). Katie is in tears about it and her brother came down and woke me up to tell me about this layabout of a fairy. UGH!

After a bit of thought I got my eldest involved in sorting out the trouble. We called down the youngest and told her to bring the tooth while the eldest sneaked upstairs with the dollar. I told Katie that the tooth fairy said to give me the tooth and then wait five minutes….the tooth would be gone and the money would be under the pillow. Amazingly for her it was just as I had said.

Now the toothless little girl is happy with her newest dollar and that incompetent fairy has held onto her job one more time!

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One Response to The Tooth Fairy

  1. 5kidswdisabilities says:

    In our area, sometimes the tooth fairy doesn’t even know a tooth is lost! What a catastrophe!!

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